Stop Glyphosate European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI)

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Source: Stop Glyphosate European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI)


In humans glyphosate is

  • Endocrine disruptor
  • Antibiotic
  • Mineral chelator

Because tumours developed after 120 days published mouse studies only run to 90 days


Santiago Niño – Eternal Atoms

Globalisation: the rise and fall of an idea that swept the world


It’s not just a populist backlash – many economists who once swore by free trade have changed their minds, too. How had they got it so wrong?

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Capturing Poetry Through Soulful Photography

Celia Fenn – The Planetary New Year and Lion’s Gate July/August 2017


Beloved Family of Light, you have now reached a time in your year of 2017 when great change is at hand. We would call this the Great Shift of 2017. Indeed, as we have said earlier, 2017 is the year of Sacred Planet Earth, and the year of New Beginnings. The incoming Light Codes of the first half of 2017 have laid the seeds for the rising New Earth Consciousness to manifest on Earth.

We call this New Earth consciousness the “Unified Field” of Higher Consciousness. It is the new and emerging field of Higher and Multi-dimensional consciousness that is coming into existence around the Planet to create the Multi-dimensional grids for the New Earth. It is held in the Heart, Soul and Light Body of each person who has made the commitment to Higher Consciousness and Multi-dimensional living. As these shining beings awaken, and come together, their radiant energy signatures and group energy signatures create the structural grids for the New Earth manifestation.

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The Joke


Just like the blood cells carry oxygen, giving life to the Human Being, Humans carry the life of God. And that’s the truth! You’re actually a piece of the wholeness of what you call God. Spirit cannot exist without you. Every single one of you is an integral piece of divinity, and without you this beautiful tapestry called God wouldn’t exist. 

through Lee Carroll
From Kryon Book 10: A New Dispensation
Page 176

THE REMOVAL OF GAIA’S 3D MATRIX – The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Dear Arcturians,

Today I heard in my mind a message about the vision of Earth, post the removal of the 3D Matrix. As far as I understand, the 3D Matrix is a construct that was created after the loss of Earth’s protective dome, then the fall of Lemuria, and finally, the fall of Atlantis.

By the time of the fall of Atlantis, Gaia became tipped on Her axis, which greatly diminished Her planetary ability to self-heal, as well as Her ability to activate Her Divine Plan of eventually raising Her resonance into the frequency field of the fifth dimension.

Dear Arcturians, am I correct in my understanding? I am asking you this question now and within this manner because I am receiving another book about life during the very beginnings of Gaia’s transition into fifth dimensional Earth. Can you please assist me?

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