Walking This Life Path

Q:  When we come here to walk our life path can we truly heal our self? Could my friend heal herself?

A:  The body is a well balanced machine controlled by the Ego’s brain. If the path was to be one in which the body was to suffer, then the Soul would probably not heal itself. Notice I used the word, wouldn’t, not couldn’t. Remember, every Soul is in control of their life path and the mind is much like a very powerful computer. Every cell of a Soul’s body has the strength to produce healing. The trick is to realize this and use that power.

Q:   I met a woman that had been in a coma for six years and came out of it. They said she was brain dead. It was amazing.  She said she was healed.

A:  Yes, the mind is very strong, but it is the will of one than controls the outcome. The  gift of free will is a gift that is not to be over ridden. So, what the will desires, will be.

Q:  How? So are you saying her will caused her to return?

A:  Yes, her desire was to return to her family and finish her life path.

Q: How Samson? She was labeled brain dead.  She was on life support. She told her story at a church, telling people that miracles do happen and to not jump into any decisions too quickly.

A:  Your mind controls the body. What is to be by the desire of the mind and heart will be.

Q:  Would that include our fears?

A:  Yes, if one fears it can produce the thing feared.  Release all fears, child.


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