Magenta Pixie – The Starseed Initiation (August 21st Total Eclipse of the Sun)

Magenta Pixie – Return of the Masters (Opening of Stargates and Collapse of the False Matrix – August 2017)

From your period of July 21st 2017 through to August 27th 2017, there is a very high frequency raise taking place with an abundance of light codes coming onto your planet and a new code being created within your DNA.
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Channelled, written and narrated by Magenta Pixie.

The Emerald Gateway (Lion’s Gate into the Eclipse, August 2017)

Magenta Pixie – The Dissolution of the Process of the Veils (Solstice Stargate 2017)

Magenta Pixie – Feeding the Fear and the Creation of the Wave

Magenta Pixie – The Observer Phenomenon (The Toys Within The Game)

Magenta Pixie – The Wave (Critical Mass for Positive Polarised Charge) March Equinox 2017