International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons wins Nobel peace prize


Treaty banning nuclear weapons approved at UN


Supporters hail step towards nuclear-free world as treaty is backed by 122 countries

More than 70 years after the world witnessed the devastating power of nuclear weapons, a global treaty has been approved to ban the bombs, a move that supporters hope will lead to the eventual elimination of all nuclear arms.



A Shaivite Creed


If a man yearns wholeheartedly for victory in
subduing the mind, let him practice Shivadhyâna daily.
Then he will see for himself that, step by step, his
mind will become one-pointed. Serenity, forbearance,
control and other such good qualities will arise in
him. His mind will be always full of joy. He will not
be dragged down by praise or blame, but will enjoy
happiness in his inmost soul, and the thought that the
well-being of others is his own will flood his heart.

Natchintanai, “Seek the Profit of the Soul,” nt, p. 10



Global Peace Index 2017: World 0.28% more peaceful than last year


The Institute for Economics and Peace published its Global Peace Index on Thursday for the 11th year running.

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