How Will It Be?


Low consciousness (darkness) is losing because the very attributes of what used to feed it are no longer viable. The systems that featured the lack of integrity and greed are going to start to crumble. Different parts of the planet will be affected first, and others will follow. However, they will crumble because light is winning. How are you doing personally? How will it be, walking into the light from thousands of years of darkness? What habits are you going to carry into this new era that will keep you in the dark?

through Lee Carroll

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Coalescing Consciousness


Awareness of self is one of the first attributes of spiritual intelligence, and here you sit with it.  Today, you are much, much higher in evolvement than the animals just below you.  You look into their eyes and you can see emotion and love, and you can see intelligence, but they don’t know who they are, not really – not like you do.  Your brain is the best one on the planet, and that happened because it got more complex, and systems worked together in ways you haven’t figured out yet. 
Now, why do I tell you this?  This is because this basic truth is not reflected at all socailly.  Did you ever notice that the larger the organization, the more dysfunctional it becomes?  Now, may I make the point to you that this is exactly the opposite from what has happened over time with cellular structure?  There’s something missing!  The cells coordinate with each other in ways that you have not discovered yet.
One knows what the other is doing, and there is a chemical and electrical balance that occurs.  They all try to balance together.  That’s the beauty of a system that has coalescence and coherence.  It puts together everything so that all have the same information and all work toward the same intelligent goal.  How can you have trillions and trillions of cells in the human body all working together, living for a long time, cooperating and doing their best to stay alive, yet you put several hundred people together and they’re dysfunctional? 
You know I’m right.  The larger the organization, the worse it works.  Then you get into government.  I don’t have to to tell you.  It would appear in some cases that the organization is actually stupid, because there are too many of them trying to do the same things.  What is wrong with this picture?  Let me show you this, because it’s going to change. 
Here is a new phrase: Coalescing consciousness.  Human Beings are going to start having the same kind of attributes of consciousness that your cells enjoy. They’ll be connected.  They will start to know what the other one is thinking.  Not personally or privately, but intellectually and cooperatively.  Common sense will be the guide.  You’ll find something very soon that you never thought could happen:  Large organizations will start to function much better than they have before.  We have even spoken about a day when there could be manager-less cooperation.  This is all part of it, dear ones.  Can you imagine a situation where no one is in charge?  This can only happen if all of the individuals know the issues together.  You see what I’m saying? 
This is the wisdom factor.  Can you imagine how this will affect everything?  Let’s start simply:  Relationships, business in general, corporations, politics and governments.  If consciousness is physics (as I have mentioned), that means there are absolute physical rules of wisdom, and that means it can be seen and worked with.
through Lee Carroll

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