The Universe in Verse


To our astonishment and delight, this seemingly esoteric idea drew an ardent audience of 850 — our maximum capacity — who lined up around the block to hear readings by Amanda Palmer, Rosanne Cash, Janna Levin, Elizabeth Alexander, Diane Ackerman, Billy Hayes, Sarah Jones, Tracy K. Smith, Jad Abumrad of Radiolab, Sam Beam of Iron & Wine, Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York, and myself.

–Maria Popova.

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How Facebook’s tentacles reach further than you think


Experts say there are no historical analogies for the power that today’s tech giants hold

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Magenta Pixie – The Observer Phenomenon (The Toys Within The Game)

Are You In Touch?

The pineal is the portal to your Higher-Self and it uses intuition – Innate – to talk to you.  The pineal helps you to know you’re in touch.  Now, listen for a minute: How many of you know you’re in touch?  Often the answer is,”Well, Kryon, sometimes I feel in touch with Spirit and sometimes I don’t.  Sometimes I’m in a bad mood and I’m not quite as in touch.”
How would you just like to be 24/7 connected all the time?  Then when you’re in a bad mood, instead of the brain taking over and the heart racing with uncertainty and fear, instead you have “coherent” thought and the communication stays wide open.
 How do you think the masters dealt with stress?  How would you like to deal with it in the same way?  What I want to tell you is there is a fast-track system through the pineal of the Human body that is ready to make DNA work better and, in that process, there is more stability for you.
We are going to call this the self-balance factor.  The human being will be able to self-balance instantly and immediately, no matter what the situation.  They will be able to analyze and stay centered.
This is evolution.  This is a spiritual system, dear ones, because the invisible force called God sees your belief and it starts to alter things, based upon what you have given it.  Does this sound like the theme of the day?  It’s in every single part of nature.
~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll
From Kryon Live Channeling: “The Fast Track Systems”
Mt. Shasta, CA – June 14, 2014

Researchers have combined ultrasound, stem cells, and gene therapy to stimulate robust bone repair

Top UK fund manager divests from fossil fuels 

Archbishop of Canterbury plays crucial role in BMO Global Asset Management’s decision to dump £20m of shares in firms such as BHP Billiton

Source: Top UK fund manager divests from fossil fuels | Environment | The Guardian


You’re winning the battle. Don’t watch the news for your truth, for it will make you fear. After all, it’s their job. Understand this, and be wise in a time of change.